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So you like documentaries?


August 2017 - Well stay tuned as one is in the works. I'm still deciding whether to do it as a series or as a feature length. Can't tell you much about it yet, but have been shooting since almost the beginning of 2017. It will literally be "out of this world" so to speak.


Just to be fair an not leave you hanging, here are a couple of hints string you along, so to speak:


1. It all started when I met a guy named Giorgio. All I really wanted to accomplish was to thank the Prometheus Entertainment people for using many of my stock footage cuts in their productions. Met a guy named Nick. Ended up giving him a ride home. Ah the envy felt from others. Then there was Afonso TresdĂȘ, a super fun guy from south America, Brazil to be exact.


2. Then I met a guy named Steve. We have a great time in Las Vegas discussing the subject and his wonderful footage of cool things.


3. Then there was this thing in the high desert of California. Met lots of interesting people including Giorgio (again) and of course Eric and not to mention Nick (again).


4. Just couldn't resist going to Roswell, NM either at the beginning of July. Met more people that all had a common interest. Saw Nick again, had a couple of beers this time with him. Met some really great authors.


5. Over the whole time I have been talking with my friend Jim from Canada. Almost made a trip there this summer, but due to unforeseen circumstances had to postpone. One way or another I will get Jim on camera to talk about his cool stuff too. I consider him as one of my best resources on the subject.


So now you ask; "what's the subject?" and no, it's not about UFOs even though it does touch on that subject. It's not about "Ancient Alien Theory" either. But I can say this; "It will be to the point, hence eliminating the irrelevant, observations, without sensationalism, or eerie music." - That is all for now. As I said; "You'll just have to stay tuned!"

Copyright 2017 Inruitivethot-VaderVideo, LLC - All rights reserved.

Copyright 2017 Inruitivethot-VaderVideo, LLC - All rights reserved.
Copyright 2017 Inruitivethot-VaderVideo, LLC - All rights reserved.