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Why VaderVideo?

My Official LogoWhy the name VaderVideo? well let's just start from the beginning. Many years ago when the internet was just really getting started, a friend of mine told me about this new thing called, well, the internet. He took me on a quick tour, showed me some pages, at which time the most exciting one happened to be Unfortunately that site really no longer exists today. But it was the first site to show motion graphics, or what was called an animated gif. In any case, AOL was off to a good start and hence, I decided to sign up. Our Tribal LeaderOf course the ever painful question came up while signing up, "What do you want to use as a user name?" - hey this was a tough one. I pondered on that one, ended up taking a nap while Star Wars was playing on the tube. I suppose there was some subconscious reaction at this point. Hence, I became the very first Vader on AOL. Of course everyone thought I was either very evil or their father. But the "handle" stuck with me and still is my predominant name in several industries. By definition though, vader means "father" in dutch. So over time, I suppose the name/handle just stuck with me. So if you are wondering, no, I do not have a helmet, I do not breath heavily, but I am a father for sure. On a side note; it is a great ice breaker though. I do need to point out however, "Darth Tator", does have a home in my office.