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We call them "Web-mercials" for the lack of a better term.

Entering into the world of the Internet or "The Web", there is a tremendous upside when it comes to producing video. There really is no time constriction as there would be on TV. In the Television world, you basically have two choices - 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Of course you could buy time and do an "Infomercial", but that is yet another concept altogether. On the Web, time is on your side. Granted, you really don't want to produce "War and Peace", but you can do some pretty neat things that you couldn't do on TV. The only restriction to consider is your budget and a little known fact: People tend to watch clips that are between 2 and 3 minutes. (Unless of course it is a "short", very entertaining and NOT a commercial!) Marketing on the Web via video is becoming more and more predominant. Everyone is jumping on board and fast! Some say that Web videos are much like a fax machine was considered in the late 70's - if you didn't have a fax number and machine, you were not considered a "real" business. Others simply believe that the general public no longer likes to read. Regardless of the reason, videos are already a predominant force on the net. And it is inevitable that you and your business have most likely been thinking along those lines as well. Right? But where to start? That's where we come in. We specialize in this process. It's a natural for us. Really. Have a look:

(Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the various productions and see what we have done for some of our clients. - Note: this is really just a small sampling.)

Give us a call and let us give you a little insight about the whole process. It's free information. Just pick up the phone and dial 520-647-2901 and ask for Andy, yeah "that guy". Or if you want; simply email and ask for a little time to talk about this. It is not as painful as you might think. The worst that can happen is you will be armed with key information to make an informative and smart decision. Andy promises.