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Some of my thoughts about production.

who's shooting who?
Who's shooting who? At the Summer X-Games

I have had the opportunity to film a variety of things over the years. Everything from the Long Beach Grand Prix to the Summer X-Games. From live comedy shows to live shoots of/and well known bands. I have worked with models for a variety of shoots as well as actors for movies and shorts. I do promos, commercials for television as well as music videos. In the case of music videos, I only even attempt them if an individual, band or group are very serious about what they do. Yes, there I can afford to be very selective.

I think some of my stuff is pretty neat. And from what I hear from others, they agree.

There are things or events that I will absolutely not do. Weddings and any overly emotional events of that nature are not my forte. Sorry.

I believe video editing to be an extremely fun task, as it really lets you get creative. It sometimes opens up a whole new world of the illogical.

Some of my favorite thoughts are;

The old adage of "a picture paints a thousand words" only tells half the story. I believe that "moving pictures" draw out thousands of emotions and stills draw out the imagination.

And quite simply "Shut up and shoot!"

So much for my theories.