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Shooting B-Roll leads to experience - bar none.

The founder of this production house has one very simple philosophy.

"Shut up and shoot!" - Now that is not to say that this is a rule or anything of that sort, just a philosophy. It is what he does for a living after all.

His experience is really based on hours behind the camera. Whether it be a newer vDSLR or a camcorder/video camera, he estimates several thousand hours of shooting. He has over 500 hours on one of his cameras alone as of September 2010. How does he know that? He just had the camera serviced and was told so.

But that is not as important as what is done with the camera while it is recording. His philosophy as he states, makes him quite unique in many ways. He doesn't try to "over think" a shot, which is in his opinion a total waste of time, particularly with today's technology. (There is no film being used or burned up.) There is virtually no cost in making mistakes other than time. But the results that can be derived from pure experimentation are in many cases unbelievable, and most importantly unique.

In a nutshell:

"Shooting stock or anything for that matter, for me, is a real treat. There are no rules, and if there were any, I would deliberately break them just to see the outcome. But most importantly, the way I see it, every minute I am behind the lens shooting whatever it may be, is that much more experience. Experience can only be acquired by doing, not by talking about doing.

For many years I was as insecure as the next guy about all this. I would constantly wonder if I was good enough. I suppose I am now, considering that I have produced things that people actually pay for. But most importantly, at least for me, my concept or philosophy was substantiated in April 2010 (again). Two guys*, well known in the industry, pretty much take the same approach and pretty much make it clear that if you don't, you are doing yourself and injustice. Great encouragement for sure! But as far as the insecurity thing, I suppose it's still there and it is what keeps me humble and striving for excellence, always." - Andreas Hohl

To see some of the VaderVideo stock footage or "b-roll" available, just buzz over the widget below:

*Canon Explorers of Light - Met and listened to Russell Carpenter, ASC (DP - Titanic, 21, True Lies) and Alex Buono (DP SNL, Twister, Armageddon) at NAB 2010 at the well hosted production of Canon, in their booth.