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Modeling and Acting for Stock Footage and lots more!

Together we have tremendous potential and becomming a "stock act" does have side benefits.!

Get exposure for you talent, anytime, anywhere, anyone!

Congratulations! You have actually taken the first step in regards to working, and also getting to know me and what it is that I do when it comes to supporting fellow actors and individuals. So let's get right to it.

Whether you stumbled on to this page or were directed to this page, really makes no difference. Whether you are a gal or guy, short, skinny, overweight or weird... makes no difference. I am always looking for people from all walks of life, color, creed, age and gender. So in any case - DO NOT DISCOUNT YOURSELF!

Of course there are a few things I need to know about you and your daily life:

1. I assume people work for a living, hence, I need to get an idea of schedules and availability. My goal is to be as flexible as possible to make it easy for you. I do not want to have you inconvenienced in any way as that would actually come through on a camera believe it or not. So happy, relaxed and not stressing is always a good thing. - Please give me an idea of your schedule so that I can schedule a comfortable time for both of us.

2. This is for the ladies primarily, but may apply to both genders. Keep in mind, I am assuming you are fully on board. However, there is always a certain little "thing" in the back of the mind that keeps asking "Is this safe?" "Should I just work with this guy without meeting or talking first?" Hence, my goal is to make this as a pleasant of an atmosphere as possible. If you have any doubts or insecurity on this issue, please don't hesitate to contact me and talk. I really understand. I will even go as far as meeting at a coffee shop first if necessary.

3. Your input is valued highly. Let me explain this. I have a certain idea about a topic and may be totally off. Particularly when it comes to everyday stuff that people do. Remember, the goal for so called B-roll is to capture real life events of everyday living. Being a guy, I always need to be reminded that women in particular can bring some real fantastic insight of things that they do, how they do it and so on. My wife reminds me of this daily! :) (Oh, and sorry ladies, yes, I am already taken.)

4. Each individual is, well, individual. This is what makes this all fun. Everyone has looks, ideas, goals and styles. This is what this is all about. You will not act! There is no script. There are no rules. Everything goes! Wonderful, yes?

5. If you are an aspiring or even seasoned actor or actress or model, I am sure you have certain goals that you would like to see on film. I will make it a point to get there with you and hopefully provide such footage. Why? Because this is supposed to be a win/win. If I can help you build a "bin" of clips that "strut" your stuff for the purpose of casting calls, auditions etc., then lets do it. Even if you are not a professional model, actor or whatever, this might actually get you started. One never knows. But I have actually received calls asking for specific looks, faces, and styles. Could be fun.

6. Any questions? Just ask - you can use any of the methods on the left of this page to contact me.

Now, to get going in a nutshell, here are some things to think about and make sure you have:

1. Make sure you have a paypal account. This can be setup at any time and if you need help, just let me know. This will be important down the line so that I can pay you.

2. Think about yourself first. - You are an individual and have ideas. Make some notes. Picture yourself doing something - write it down. These notes will become a potential "shot list" for us. After all, it's you and your personality that we want to capture. Nothing more, nothing less.

3. Try to clearly describe your limitations. Are there any? Are there things that you would absolutely never consider doing? (I am not talking about porn here! I am talking about something that might be against your philosophy, ideology or religion.)

4. On the flip side - do you do things that you know are so unique that no one else would do them. This could be really fun. I had a friend that could make so many funny faces, I would easily crack up. I only wish I was shooting when I knew him. Humor is always good.

5. Think about locations. If we decide to shoot home living, we obviously won't go into the desert to shoot that. On the flip side, if you like hiking, then perhaps we do need to go there. There are some restrictions. But I will explain those later. No biggie and no worries.

6. If you really like the idea of your own "bin" (see sample below) - please help me write about you for the purpose of a description about you. (See the example of a "bin" at Monica (will open a new window so you don't get lost from here.)

I think at this point you get the idea. The most important rule is that there ARE NO RULES! Wonderful. Here is a handy tool I use to come up with ideas: VaderVideo's Simple Guide for Shooting Fun.... - feel free to make use of it. (will open a new window and requires the free adobe acrobat to read it.)

So the more information you can get back to me, the better. Like I said, my goal is to work with you, not at you. :) This is the first step to what I hope will be a collaboration. Oh, and there are no time constraints either. I work with people over and over again. So don't think we shoot only once. Time is on our side. :)

P.S. Any confidential information that I need, which I will need at some point will be gotten from you face to face. (i.e. PayPal address, SSN, model releases etc.) I will not put a form online at this point for that purpose. For two reasons:

1. I need real autographs - not digital (releases)

2. When it comes to SSN & Tax ID's it is important to keep that info very safe.

3, Even though nothing can be done with a paypal address other than sending money to it, I still feel more comfy if we keep that info between us only.

Your privacy is very important in those respects.

Sometimes, I will even use some of my model/actors for contests, or even real commercial work. Yes, going through this process also helps me understand who can do what, what their skill level is and where they may fit for best results.

Settle in. Camera rolling. and... Action! - Welcome aboard!

Our stock footage is available to our clients at 50% off when used in one of our productions.

Here are some samples where I made use of some of the talented people I have worked with for contests and even real commercial work: