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Indi Film, movie and TV Production Samples

Independent movie, film and tv production seems to be something many people get involved in. However, it is quickly discovered that simply slapping together a clip here, a clip there, adding some script, some stock or b-roll simply doesn't cut it. Time is what is really necessary to get the job done right.

There are literally hundreds of thousands scripts laying around just waiting to get picked. Of course, getting picked by "Hollywood" is not a given. Yet the creative mind refuses to stop, provided there is persistence and the proper mentality. Getting it just right is not an easy task or a task for the amateur. It takes lots of trial and error, experience and tools. But don't let that stop you from trying. Simply believe in the simple rule, that if you try and you fail, you have learned something and have at least tried. There is no such thing as an overnight success in this wacky business. Success is derived from one thing only... it's a four letter word.... ready? WORK!

Here are a few samples of productions that I have worked on that so far have gone nowhere. One might ask, "Why do it?" - I have several reasons, but the most important are experience. It is always neat to face new challenges. Particularly when they come from others. We as humans tend to be pretty lame in challenging ourselves. Of course, money helps as well. But that is not necessarily always the case. Sometimes it is purely due to the challenge itself.

A movie trailer/teaser:

A Public Access TV show advocating for foster kids:

And there's lots more of this stuff over at the VaderVideo YouTube or Vimeo account. (See menu links on the left.)