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Head Shots

Every actor, director, producer and human (okay, animals too) need great head shots for self-promotion as well as for the purpose of marketing one self. Casting directors seem to take the first impression of such imagery. However, head shots can be used for a variety of things. Aside from delivering such imagery to a casting call, casting director or anyone in the business for the purpose of self-promotion, they also come in handy when you hit the big times and need to hand out some at your premiere, with autograph of course!

What most actors, particularly new actors don't realize is that a so-called head shot is actually a crucial part of their career. As already mentioned, this is probably the next most important thing to have in one's arsenal aside from a good, no, great demo reel.

There are two categories of head shots every actor should have:

  1. Commercial Head Shots and,
  2. Theatrical Head Shots
There is a big difference between the two. Most of the time they are misunderstood and done incorrectly. See if you can see the difference between the two:

Notice some are basic and simply show a smile, as for the rest, well, they are showing attitude, emotion, and even some costumeing when applicable. Hence, commercial of course are the straight smiling ones, or simply think along the lines of a toothpaste commercial. 

Get your headshots done professionally today! Starting at $300.00 for a set that can be used without licensing or any additional fees. You get the whole enchilada for you to use for whatever purpose. The only thing I ask is that you keep the copyright statement on each reproduction. You will get a release for reproduction as well. Of course, it is recommended to redo head shots approximately once a year, or for children at least every 6 months. 

Special note for child actor headshots: 

Listen up parents! Do not feed your child anything that has the color blue in it 24 hours prior to the session. Blue drinks such as PowerAid, Gatoraid, Ice slurpys etc... or any thing with blue frosting for that matter. You need to understand that the food additive or Blue Dye #1 color is detrimental to the brain and will cause the loss of focus and increase the possiblity of mood swings in kids. Also, and naturally -NO SUGAR!

Rates for kids are $200.00 per set, or pre-pay for 1 year @ $300.00.