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When movies get made, the EDIT or "FINAL CUT" is what either makes them or breaks them.

Editing "moving pictures" is probably one of the most creative tasks ever. Not only is this the point where stories are made, changed or dropped, but it is where the true magic happens. We have done edits based on the following, and most of the time, there was NO storyboard! Quite challenging to say the least.

  • From many shoots, from many attempts, but not really knowing when or what the footage would be used for - a short story is told for the purpose of marketing and advertising.

  • Sometimes, it is purely a case of "run 'n gun" with an idea only. So we shoot, cut and edit on the fly.

  • Other times we simply are filming a script, and thinking about the storyline in our heads in "real time" as we shoot.

  • And many times, a script alone doesn't cut it. So we enhance and get super creative.

  • And last but not least, how about a really cool picture show with some dramatic music:

    We can edit just about anything from a short true 30 second commercial, meaning, it has to be 30 seconds for TV along with bars and tone and of course a slate, or any length story, web-mercial, commercial, infomercial or presentation of any kind. If you need editing done, whether it is for a TV spot, or a full blown production, a family history or quite simply because you need a second look at your project, we can do it. We are both Quicktime (.mov) and Windows Media (.avi) friendly as well as many other formats as well. Have footage, pictures or any other media that you need compiled into a story - call us now @ 520-647-2901 - we quite a creative bunch.