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eBook - Shut Up and Shoot - Available Now!

Shut Up and Shoot! And Make Lightning Strike Twice! 
- How to Become an Out of This World Stock Media Artist - 
(the "Buy Now" links will become active on April 14, 2012 starting at 00:00 hours which by the way has already passed somewhere in the world! Come and get it!)

This eBook is in standard PDF format and has been tested on Windows, Mac OS, Droid and iOS (iPAD, iPhone etc) - All you need to do is download the Adobe Acrobat Reader (freebie from Adobe) if you don't already have it. The format of the pages is full 8.5" x 11" - I recommend reading on larger screens.

An eBook by a Stock Media Creator for the Stock Media Creator - Whether you are already heavily vested in the business or are looking to get in, this book will most likely shave several months of trial and error off of your venture. The Stock Media Industry is growing rapidly due to all the multimedia requirements of today. Whether for television, major motion pictures or the Internet - stock media is simply a necessity. This is by no means a “get rich quick” business. However, if treated professionally and with diligence, it can build you an asset worth dealing with. It is a business that can be run on the side and be grown over years with the end result of a mechanism that simply keeps paying out residual income. If you already do any type of production work, this is certainly for you as a sideline. If you are totally new and unfamiliar with production, film, or any related industry, this will guide you step by step into this world while showing you how to do it right.

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  • Cinematographers and Videographers – Don’t throw that footage to the floor! You just might have a historical piece of value that you can leverage and sell to the world of production.
  • CG Artists – leverage and rightfully earn additional income for all of your super creative work.
  • Musicians – Sell your music. Sell your sound effects.
  • Photographers - You too can easily convert and join the motion picture world and leverage equipment you most likely already have. Don’t settle for just shooting stills. Learn and leverage your existing knowledge into this higher revenue stock or micro stock world.
  • Youngsters – Learn about an exciting industry that you can participate in (with the help of your parents) and flourish with insider knowledge that will help you build an asset for the future.