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If you are an actor, actress, comedian or model then you really need to understand what this is all about. For starters, we recommend you read this particular blog (clicking on this link opens a new window) about what a demo reel should be.

When it comes to so called "demo reels", many make one big mistake before they even get started. They ask, "What do you charge for a demo reel?" - If we actually could answer that, we would. But we can't, so don't ask. Sounds nasty doesn't it? But would you rather have a fixed quote and get garbage or do you want to actively participate in the process and get not just one, but maybe several reels for several purposes? After all you are an actor. Do you only play one character? We thought so. Most likely you have a few specialties and also a few special sequences that show off your stuff.

If you are concerned about price, then the biggest way to save money on this process is to be ready. Here is what this means:

1. Don't come to us with a stack of tapes and DVD's and... and.... and expect us to search through them all for your "cherry" performances. We charge by the hour and would gladly do this for you, but it would be very counterproductive.

1a. Do come to us with all those various tapes and reels and DVD's and ... and...and most importantly a clear list of minutes, seconds and maybe even frames of clips on those various media so that we can get right to it. When it comes to tapes, you may even want to park the tape at the first such location. (It saves us from having to fast forward etc...)

2. Think about what you are trying to promote - not what you think is awesome and pretty footage, of you, that is irrelevant, the sunset, the moonlight.... yada yada yada..

2a. Instead, bring out the actual scenes that show you at your best. Even if it is only a second or two. Casting directors don't care about anything else. They usually don't even look past the first 30 seconds. (see Blog (clicking on this link opens a new window) )

3. Don't ask us for a "fancy schmancy" - DVD menu system on your final product. We won't do it and strongly advise against it.

3a. Casting directors could care less. They don't look at the packaging, they don't like 3 levels of menus to go through to get to "Play", but they absolutely love popping in a DVD and seeing it display one thing; "Play now!"

4. Make sure we have all of your vitals. Okay, what does that mean?

4a. Contact info. And make sure it is up to date!

5. Don't have a head shot?

5a. See our section on head shots (will open a new window) or by clicking on the menu above. This is actually important as well as we will most likely integrate it into your demo reel. (Both types too! - Commercial and theatrical)

Now if you are not offended by the bluntness of the above statements, then most likely we can work on your demo reel. And most likely we will be doing this several times throughout your career and for a variety of auditions. Still think this might get expensive? You might be right. But think of it this way; how much was that tuition at acting school again? How much did you spend to get that degree, class, training, etc..? And now you want to skimp on the tools required to actually get some work to pay back all that? This is what sets professionals apart from the happenstance actor. So you must decide and ask yourself; "Am I truly going to be a professional, or is this more of a hobby and I am only an extra?"

Here is a sample of what can be done. Note: This reel was solely for the purpose of getting a "western genre" roll. Also notice that this reel actually is dated and shows for what time period it is good for. Kind of important, as the best foot forward is always to show "what have you done lately".

Demo Reel of Bobbi Jeen Olson 2009 - 3rd Quarter from VaderVideo on Vimeo.

Need more info? Call us and talk to us about anything on your mind regarding demo reels. Chances are we can enlighten you and finally get you on the right track. We are expert editors and as they say on the set, "it's the editor that makes you or breaks you." - Scary huh? :)

Call and ask for Andy - 520-647-2901 or email him directly at

Don't have any footage of yourself at all? We may have a really cool and fun solution for you. Talk to us and we can make it a win/win for both and get you on the right track. Ask about our online video library for actors.