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Crowd Funding Videos

Crowd Funding - a not so new phenomenon is becoming ever so popular. Let's say you have a new idea for a product, and idea for a book, a music album, or even an Indie-Film but you have limited resources. What do you do? 

There are of course several options. One could raise funds needed from family and friends or even attempt to go the outside OPM (Other People's Money) route by seeking out investors. Then there is the "crowd funding" method. No matter which way you decide to go, you must a clear and concise plan. Perhaps a business plan? This is simply not optional!

Here is why:

  • A plan shows that you mean business! Too many times it is thought that just an idea was worthy of gathering monies. But that is not the case - ever!
  • A plan helps iron out kinks in the process. Once one starts writing a plan of any sort, one will immediately start to think in a "finer grain", and hence see things more clearly. Potential pitfalls or maybe even better ways of accomplishing the goal come to mind.
  • A plan helps achieve numerical values. In essence, how will you ever know how much you really need to raise funding-wise if you don't have a map (a.k.a. "The Plan")?
  • A plan will help decide the marketing strategy as well as layout the "Storyboard" needed to produce a quality crowd funding campaign. A plan will literally lay out your strategy as well as what the message will be when you create or produce your campaign video. If this is not done, you will fail in raising any substantial amount regardless. 

You need to understand going in that crowd funding has certain limitations. This is simply due to the fact that you are dealing with philanthropists, and they are quite simply human. Think of it this way. These humans got to where they are (usually) because they understood business. And business is what it is always about. They will not invest in a disorganized mess, nor will they even consider a lackadaisical attitude towards any project. Hence, you have to come across as a determined individual group as well as be able to show progress. This is the credibility that must come through or you quite simply will be toast! 


We merely help you get your message formulated in such a fashion that it makes sense for the viewer. Oh, and yes, we always end with a "call to action". This is the part where one actually asks for money. You would be surprised how many forget to do that one simple thing.
In this category are a few samples of actual produced crowd funding videos. Some have seen success, others not. We know exactly why in both cases. Watch them and see if you can spot the successful vs. the not so successful. The different approaches are based on how much a client listened to our strategy and how much they didn't. 


When the time comes to produce a crowd funding campaign, it is highly recommended to listen, be flexible and most of all; leave your ego at the door. Philanthropists are not supportive of egomaniacs. 


Now and here is our disclaimer: We do not guarantee success regardless. We understand the rules, the principles and the strategies. However, this alone cannot guarantee successful campaigns. There are too many factors involved from the idea, concept, product or whatever it is you wish to accomplish, to the time of day a money person (philanthropist, investor, and contributor) happens to be looking at your project video. We have no control over whether a project will even be accepted by the various crowd funding sites. Bottom line, it is a craps shoot at best. Like any other fund raising, capital money raising venture, it depends 100% on whether the moon and sun are in the right position and the moneybags are opening their purses. Getting a crowd funding video produced should be considered and quite simply is a "cost of doing business". It is by no means to be construed as the guaranteed winning step. It is merely a part of the process and really should be considered and be done professionally. That is all. 
Are you in need of a "crowd funding" type video? If so, please don't hesistate to contact us at the numbers listed below in the footer area. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have without obligation.