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Crowd Funding - Product

Here is a crowd funding video produced in the summer of 2012:


The script was written and conceived by the client. I did the filming and editing according to the script. Unfortunately this was not a successful campaign as speculation would be that it was or came across too commercial in some aspects. This project was originally rejected by Kickstarter due to the client having tried to sell business like opportunties. A big no no! After rethinking, the client was able to get is going on Indigogo, however, the attitude was still a bit leaning towards business opps with rewards that not many could or would make use of. This was a niche product all around and hence reduced the audience potential perhaps a bit too much. 

The Pros: Credibility was there. After all this gentleman had a track (pardon the pun) record of success in prior years. Having been a race car driving instructor surely was a good thing.

The Cons: The product was perhaps not considered "main stream" enough and too industry specific or limited marketability. 

As we state in our disclaimer: We give no guarantees regarding success of funding. We also highly recommend being very flexible in regards to the concept and presentation. Perhaps this was a bit too much information to swallow for the average person that had no relationship to race car driving or the physics behind any steering wheel?

Are you in need of a "crowd funding" type video? If so, please don't hesistate to contact us at the numbers listed below in the footer area. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have without obligation.