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Crowd Funding - Non-Profit Org - Memorial Statue

Here is a recent completed project ready to be submitted to one of the crowd funding sites (most likley Indiegogo). This is for a non-profit (tax beneficial for the philanthropist) that has been working on the project diligently for quite a while and now felt ready to take the next step:



We wrote, produced, filmed and edited this with great cooperation from the organization. We wanted to make sure we weren't stepping on anyone's toes and present a true historical explanation of the who, what and why. 


Pros: As this is for a non-profit, philanthorpists can contribute unlimited amounts and have certain tax advantages. This project is long term, hence, even after completion it will be available for view for generations. It is a historical project. The credibility comes from both the organization and the artist. This organization already has a track record of raisning funds and this is not the first phase. It is several phases in which again, lends itself to credibility. Maquettes (smaller shelf or desktop statues in bronze) are already on hand.

Cons: Really there are none. However, the sooner the better as raw material costs may rise over time. (Bronze is made partially from copper, and copper prices are going through the roof!) 

This video serves multiple purposes and can be used/played for any occasion. It was designed with a more generic purpose in mind. Basicall we "killed two birds with one stone" as this video will easily work on a crowd funding site as well as anywhere else. This concept is a goal one should always keep in mind.  


Are you in need of a "crowd funding" type video? If so, please don't hesistate to contact us at the numbers listed below in the footer area. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have without obligation.