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Contest Entries

The following examples are of several contest entries for various companies over the years. It all started many years ago when the first contest from LG rolled in.

The basic concept is very simple. The world of advertising has changed dramatically. No longer are there just TV commercials. Companies now look to us, the audience, for input. Hence, they start up contests for people to participate in. Some offer simple prizes or recognition. Others offer cash awards. The whole idea here however is simply to show the progression and the production quality gain over the years. This will show off our capabilities, no doubt.

It's the new way of the marketing and advertising world.

This sample was the very first contest entered years ago. I placed 4th out of 4500+ entries. (LG was the sponsor.)

The theme was basically "Life is Good when..." - pretty dated as one can see, as this was done in the old standard definition format.