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When it comes to the new (or not so new) philosophy of advertising, there used to be limits. Such limits were particularly involving time. It used to be that 15 and 30 second commercials were the norm. Today, there is a fantastic method that no longer has such restrictions. There are no "air time" fees, no time limits and no restrictions.

When one creates advertising for the Internet, the process as a whole still remains the same when it come to production and methods. However, one now can put lots more into a message, be more informative and yet still accomplish the branding and messaging one needs to do to promote a company. Only better and more informative.

The general public simply wants to get the pertinent information and be entertained at the same time. Reading long and boring pages is no longer the norm. Watching short, informative and fun video is! - See what we mean? Perhaps we will replace all of this text with a video as well. :)