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2013 Stock Footage Preview Reel

Just a small preview of what's coming from 2013 stock and storm chasing. 


Want more? Visit or simply click on the menu link at the top tited "RF Stock Footage" 

Fine Art

Ever thought that film footage or video footage could be delivered as fine art? 

Well now it can. There are several still frames available from various footage shot by Andreas as fine art material. You can purchase this fine are at some galleries or online. The shots are what Andreas considers very unique and hence make for fine pictures to hang on your walls. 


Whether you are looking for personal use in your home, or for business use to decorate your offices, chances are, you will find something that will fit your theme.


E-Book Trailer and Announcement - Shut Up and Shoot!

A preview trailer of the ebook coming out April 14th, 2012

Shut Up and Shoot

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