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High End Retail - Jewelry

"Working with Andy Hohl on video projects has been a very enjoyable experience.  He not only provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration, but he also has the follow through necessary to get the job done.  An avid videographer, Andy is passionate about what he does, and possesses in depth knowledge in his field about video, production, equipment, and cutting edge technology.  In addition, he is acutely aware of social media practices and branding strategies, which enables him to develop concepts for his clients.  While his technical skill and know-how is a mus

Why VaderVideo?

My Official LogoWhy the name VaderVideo? well let's just start from the beginning. Many years ago when the internet was just really getting started, a friend of mine told me about this new thing called, well, the internet. He took me on a quick tour, showed me some pages, at which time the most exciting one happened to be Unfortunately that site really no longer exists today.

Indi Film, movie and TV Production Samples

Independent movie, film and tv production seems to be something many people get involved in. However, it is quickly discovered that simply slapping together a clip here, a clip there, adding some script, some stock or b-roll simply doesn't cut it. Time is what is really necessary to get the job done right.

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