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to produce multimedia from conception to completion

2013 Stock Footage Preview Reel

Just a small preview of what's coming from 2013 stock and storm chasing. 


Want more? Visit or simply click on the menu link at the top tited "RF Stock Footage" 

As Seen On...

As Seen On...

There are times where we are lucky enough to catch our work on TV, in the movies or even for promotion of things. This little section covers just those times where we are lucky enough to find out exactly where the goods are being used, and for what purpose. This is what keeps us artist going for sure!

Crowd Funding Videos

Crowd Funding - a not so new phenomenon is becoming ever so popular. Let's say you have a new idea for a product, and idea for a book, a music album, or even an Indie-Film but you have limited resources. What do you do? 

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