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Crowd Funding - Non-Profit Org - Memorial Statue

Here is a recent completed project ready to be submitted to one of the crowd funding sites (most likley Indiegogo). This is for a non-profit (tax beneficial for the philanthropist) that has been working on the project diligently for quite a while and now felt ready to take the next step:



Why VaderVideo?

My Official LogoWhy the name VaderVideo? well let's just start from the beginning. Many years ago when the internet was just really getting started, a friend of mine told me about this new thing called, well, the internet. He took me on a quick tour, showed me some pages, at which time the most exciting one happened to be Unfortunately that site really no longer exists today.

Gallery of Ideas and Concepts

Welcome to the VaderVideo gallery of imagery, ideas and concepts. This gallery of "art" if you will, is constantly being updated and revised. So you simply must come back often.

The intent of this gallery is obviously to show of our goods, our talents, our ambitions, our expertise and last but not least our style.

If there is imagery to be caught on camera or to be created in the world of CG (computer generated graphics), then this is where we showboat our latest and greatest.

We hope you enjoy this "eye candy" as much as we enjoyed making it.

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