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Contracted Productions

Yes, we have been known as the exclusive subcontracted video production company for business. From aggregates to AOL (America Online), from web site design firms to advertising and marketing companies, we have worked with them all, and still do. This is simply a concept where we are hired to create, write, produce, film and edit the complete project for clients on behalf of a master client.

High End Retail - Jewelry

"Working with Andy Hohl on video projects has been a very enjoyable experience.  He not only provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration, but he also has the follow through necessary to get the job done.  An avid videographer, Andy is passionate about what he does, and possesses in depth knowledge in his field about video, production, equipment, and cutting edge technology.  In addition, he is acutely aware of social media practices and branding strategies, which enables him to develop concepts for his clients.  While his technical skill and know-how is a mus

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