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Andreas' knowledge and expertise are predominantly in the marketing and support of the tech/IT sector. Having been in this arena since before the first PC came off the line at IBM in the early eighties, Andreas has always been effective in developing marketing and sales tactics for new products related to the tech sector.


For many years he was able to take the most complex concepts, convert them to "apples and oranges" and hence was able by doing so to retain several fortune 100 clients as one of their expert suppliers of goods. Companies such as the frozen food division of Kraft/Philip Morris (90's), General Electric Sales Division (80's-90's) and several software companies relied not only on his expertise, but also his negotiating skills during large purchases from various manufacturers.


One of the advantages Andreas has always had was being able to predict future prospects related to the next generation in respect to software and hardware technologies. Having run and managed a small Internet service provider (ISP) facility primarily for specialized business class hosting for over 25 years, not only was he one of the very first ISP's on the market but he was one of the first software developers in the early days if the Internet to create a web based data management system for clients, which today would be known as CMS (content management systems).


His driving force was a simple need for clients to be able to immediately update their information in "real-time" across the net as events were occurring. One of the first sectors to implement this concept was sports and sports marketing. Specifically NASCAR affiliated companies that wished to report race status in real time across the Internet while also advertising product.


As the market shifted, hosting was no longer a viable business unless you were going for the masses. This was of no interest as the creativity simply was no longer a fun thing. Andreas decided as an overlap and realizing what the future may hold (or not hold), that he needed to exercise in a more creative business. Hence, several years ago he decided to formulate a business plan for stock footage (a.k.a. b-roll) to be sold and distributed via the Internet. This was when "microstock" photography was hot, but not video. He had everything lined up with investors etc, but decided to do one last check at a trade show to see if  he was reinventing the proverbial wheel, and if so, what such an industry was up to. He found his answer and determined that it was more cost effective to simply work with what was at that time a small new company by the name of Pond5.com. This of course made sense as it would allow him to focus on the creative process of creating footage as opposed to running another tech company. This was a far more exciting prospect and served exactly the purpose Andreas was seeking and craving for.


The rest as they say; "is history". Andreas now actively shoots stock media, creates stock media and produces stock media for fun. Really. It is his "job"! He purely sees it as fun. Cool, eh? He has had many successes over the last 10 years and one may find several of his "cuts" on programming from the Weather Channel, Discovery, History and even major motion pictures. Check out his goodies at Pond5.com as well as a few other agencies.


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Copyright 2017 Inruitivethot-VaderVideo, LLC - All rights reserved.
Copyright 2017 Inruitivethot-VaderVideo, LLC - All rights reserved.